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  • growing-your-businessAre you looking for a clear and informative explanation of the things you really need to know?
  • Strategic tax planning?
  • Increased profitability for your business?

Connolly Accountants is a proactive firm of Chartered Accountants committed to providing you with financial advice. Advice that will make a profitable and tangible difference to your business and your wealth creation and management.

In a toughening economy the right support can make all the difference to your business. Connolly Accountants will help you achieve success and increase your profits by helping you identify strategic and creative areas for improvement.

The world of business and finance can be complex and everyone needs reliable, professional help in managing their personal and business finances. We are experts in helping you get the most value out of your accounts and believe in looking at the numbers that matter.

We are members of the most popular professional body of Accountants in the world, the ACCA.

We want you to get the best out of your situation, your business and help you reach your strategic goals

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